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Happy New Year!

This week: members of the distributed_fandom Discord have been busy with logo designs; examining the legal angles of this form of fandom; figuring out theme creation and more...


verity talked to someone at the Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law. The aim was to find out about where federated fandom activities stand from a legal footing, with an emphasis on US law. verity is working on documentation that will be able to help those interested in getting more involved.


BeautifulLights has been working on sketches for logos/branding. At the moment, general consensus seems to be leaning towards a purple rocketship-esque design, but BeautifulLights would love to hear any other ideas people have. To check out the current designs and say something, head to the #ui-art channel on the distributed_fandom Discord .


demitas has had a play with the registration process on Hubzilla, fixing the flow so that users are prompted to create a name/nickname when they register. It's also been tweaked so that Hubzilla would then auto-create the first channel for the user.

Nested comments
impertinence has also been working on nested comments for hubzilla, which is a common feature for a lot of sites.

demitas has had a dive into theme creation on Hubzilla again, documenting the process. Want to know more about extending a theme? Head here to the Fandom Federation wiki.

impertinence has managed to wrangle together a working instance of Peertube, which you may check out here http://fanvid.stopthatimp.net/.

Don't forget...
To check out [tumblr.com profile] fandom-after  on Tumblr and see what Wings has been posting.

Got something you want mentioned in these updates?
Head to #announcements-roundup channel on the distributed_fandom Discord and post about it before the end of Saturday each week. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue.

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To link to the tumblr you can use the code <user name="fandom-after" site=tumblr>! Like so: [tumblr.com profile] fandom-after


Some discussion space for where we go next.

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