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This comm is for discussion of post-tumblr fandom and how we can stop being migrants from one web service to the next, losing our work in each iteration. This conversation began on[personal profile] greywash's blog, originally here and in its comments. We've cross-referenced a lot of that by topic into separate posts here in this comm, and a list of those top-level topics are below.

Your mods are currently[personal profile] recently_folded and[personal profile] oulfis; [personal profile] greywash has stepped back from modding but remains involved in an advisory capacity.[personal profile] ptf_admin is just the collective mod account for this comm. If you've been participating in this conversation and have interest in modding or otherwise being involved, leave a comment here (comments on this post are screened) and tell us who you are, what you want to do, what skills you have, and what skills you want to build.

Because DW doesn't have an "ask box" feature, you may also use comments to this post as such for specific questions that don't seem to belong in the discussion threads or where you feel you need to protect your privacy, in order to speak to the mods in general rather than messaging a specific one who may not wade through their overloaded inbox right away. We won't unscreen anything without your permission.

Comm Rules

We are triaging our time writing out a formal code of conduct (volunteer help would be nice! leave us a comment!), so for now: anonymous comments are not permitted and commenter IPs are logged; please create a Dreamwidth account if you would like to participate. You must be 13 years old or older to join DW or participate here; that's not our rule, sorry, it's the law.

This community takes as its starting point that fandom is a space that needs and permits adult content, both textual and visual, and that wherever we go next must have mechanisms in place to create and share that material. However, this comm is not the place for that material itself. For now, at least, we welcome the discussion involvement of younger fans, who have a vested interest in our future, as long as they are willing to conduct themselves appropriately—and since loads of teenagers are more mature than loads of adults, that shouldn't be an intrinsic problem. Bullying and hate speech will not be tolerated.

Some commenters may be in the 13-18 year old range, but everyone here needs to act like an adult. Whatever age you are, keep your posts and your comments PG-13 and your behavior more or less work appropriate (basically, some swearing is probably OK, especially since the original post contains swearing, so it kind of has to be; but beyond that... let's not). Don't hit on or exchange offline contact info with your fellow commenters, and please do not post or link to any material that you would be nervous about showing either your boss or your new girlfriend's conservative grandmother. With heart problems. The rule is: don't be an asshole, and act like a grown-up even if you aren't one.


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Some discussion space for where we go next.

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