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[personal profile] elf posted: Pillowfort is moving to .social
In the various discussions about PF's user content rules, legalities, social standards, and so on, someone happened to notice that PF's domain host, .io, doesn't allow adult content of any sort.


Pillofort immediately started looking for a new domain extension. They found one, and have begun the process of shifting over. The site's been cloned; logins work; posting doesn't. They'll keep the .io addresses for at least a year (unless the NIC.IO staffers happen to notice them and cancel it in the meantime), but the whole site will be officially moving soon, like this month sometime.

... On the one hand, glad they're doing something about this. On the other, how am I supposed to trust they can manage user conflicts and TOS edge cases and the business hassles of running a social platform, when they didn't bother to look at their domain host's content rules.
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or, Not Everything Is Carolina’s Fault Actually

The Red vs. Blue Ultimate Fan Guide is a compendium of trivia, bonus material and behind-the-scenes information written by Burnie Burns and Eddy Rivas and published in 2015. It includes, among other things, profiles for the show’s major characters, including most of the named Freelancers. The character profile for Agent Carolina contains the following:

Carolina’s constant need for perfection drove her to disrupt the AI implantation process, which largely contributed to the implosion of Project Freelancer, and the disastrous consequences that followed.

This is false. Let’s talk about why. )

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Ok, I'm running on about 2 watts of brain power, so forgive me - I'm going to do a quick life update and then run away.

- My husband twisted his knee back on Feb 13th, and lo and behold, we found out on April 5th that actually, it wasn't just a bruise to the meniscus, it was an ACL tear and tears to both the lateral and medial meniscuses.  So, surgery was an absolute necessity.

- Surgery happened Monday of this week and went well! He's recovering nicely and on crutches and in a full leg brace and cannot put any weight on it at all for this week and probably next. Can he do stairs? - Technically! Where do we live? The third floor! So he's in the apartment for at least five days solid. 

- People have been very kind and been very helpful - my dad came to stay with us overnight, friends have stopped by with food or to just hang out. We're not truly isolated.

-Nevertheless, I'm the one making up a lot of the work that he can't do that he normally would, and some new stuff of just taking care of him. He made a big pot of carnitas before the surgery (which is just, such a fucking nice thing to do???) - I am re-heating it and managing groceries and taking care of all the dishes and house pick up and cleaning and fetching things and getting the door when people come by. He also needs some personal help - keeping the icing machine stocked with ice and changing it out and helping him with socks and changing clothes and grabbing things that he can't carry and bringing stuff he forgot so he doesn't have to get up. It's none of it a huge amount? But it's been sort of a lot that just keeps coming up, so it's hard to just get a solid twenty minutes at home where I don't have to get up and tend to something.

-My anxiety is up. [Pirate Voice: AHOY, HERE THERE BE WHINING! WHINGE, HO!]  Partially it's just lack of solitary time - he's in the house all day and there's only one room other than the bedroom, so that's a lot of togetherness. But also I'm anxious that he'll get hurt or that he won't do his PT and the injury will be worse. He's in pain every day and that fucking grinds on him and on me and I feel like a shit for going back to work instead of working from home but I also like my job? I'm worried that we both need to lose weight to help our joint issues, but it's a fucking hard thing to do and I haaate everything about weight loss """culture""" and the shitty way it makes me feel. I'm worried about the house being a mess and it being my fault so I'm clearing all the surfaces and then being tired and my foot hurts and that starts the cycle of being scared about *my* health. 

-And my bike got a flat tire on the way to work today. So, I had to bail and carry my work laptop and all my gear back to the nearest train station and leave my bike there, alone and unloved, until I can get it this evening and figure out fixing the flat tire. And all the stuff was heavy so it was a rough thing to carry it all and I am fatigued. (Or, as the Franch would have it, fatty gay.)

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Out of all the Weasley kids, Percy is the only one who is actually interested in Muggle culture. Not that he would admit it for years and years, of course. Admitting that means admitting he's like his father in some way, and if there's one person in the world Percy doesn't want to be like it's Arthur Weasley. But even so, he is fascinated. Not by Muggle gadgets so much (he's not much of a tinkerer), but by other products of Muggle culture, like films and music and television. Especially television; he loves how there are so many different kinds of programs to watch, from documentaries to dramas to Muggle sports. And it's always there, no matter what time of the day you turn it on! Really, Percy doesn't understand why the Wizarding World hasn't adopted this particular Muggle innovation yet. Just imagine how many things they could do with it!

This post brought to you by the fact that I recently realized it's been 15 years since I first sat down and read all 5 then published HP books and fell irrevocably in love with a certain pompous prat. Wow, how time flies (or maybe I'm just getting old).

Dreamwidth on a mobile app?

Apr. 18th, 2019 07:47 am
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I've done a very basic search around and have not found anything for reading dreamwidth on mobile -- I spend a lot of time on my phone and would like to just use that for reading and browsing here. 

I know I can email posts and view it on a mobile browser app, but both have limitations. If anyone knows of any obscure apps that serve the purpose, please let me know! 

REVIEW: Spinster by Kate Bolick

Apr. 18th, 2019 10:57 am
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I think I have been mislead by the way this book is promoted. What I expected was a discussion of women choosing to live alone, based on history and current situation. I was hoping for some interesting anecdotes, listing of pros and cons, possibly someone to identify with. This book is instead a memoir of a woman who, coincidentally, enjoys living alone, and an intro into American women writers.

I did enjoy reading the book, in some ways. The writers mentioned were definitely interesting, I’ll try to read at least some of them in the future. But it was also an incredibly alienating experience, because I found so much of it impossible to relate to.

This book has a very limited viewpoint: Bolick is white, upper-middle class, American, writer moving in writer circles, very straight, very sexually and romantically active. She largely avoids broad generalization, but she does generalize somewhat and it’s always so suspect. I don’t think she notices how limited her worldview is.

For me, who is… almost none of those things Bolick is, reading this book at times felt almost oppressive. Especially the pages and pages spent analyzing her boyfriends, their relationship, her feelings and wants and actions – I don’t think it shouldn’t be in the book, I just wouldn’t choose the book if I knew it is there. Or I would have gone into it with a different mindset. Something.

It feels beneficial for me to read stories from people who are very different from me, and after this experience I think I’ll try more memoirs in the future. Yet, it doesn’t change the fact that I feel a bit disappointed with this book. I went into it expecting to find someone like me, and instead I got an alien encounter.

Verdict: Three boyfriends out of five.

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I started a really good book, David Grann's Killers of the Flower Moon, which is about real historical murders.

The problem is that it's depressing to read, because it's about the murders of Osage in Oklahoma within living memory, and even if it were about like, them adopting puppies or triumphing at sporting events, there's unavoidable historical context baggage that's definitely upsetting. (Also, I don't really deal well with suspense. I had to stop reading LOTR like 3 times and go do something else the first time I read the Shelob's lair scene.)

When I started this book, I was reading a couple of other books at the same time in between chunks, but I ran out of stuff I'm into in my immediately accessible (digital) pile of stuff to read. (I'll have to go back to my list of books to read and track down how to buy more of them, and in the meantime I'm running out of fanfiction too.)

Magicians 4.13

Apr. 18th, 2019 12:05 am
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Takes place immediately after the third installment, and starts up right in the middle of the action, so unlike the last two novellas there's no lag at the beginning; instead I was hurrying to catch up. It's exciting, face-paced, and full of the usual notes:

  • unwanted feelings
  • unwanted humans
  • unwanted protective feelings towards clumsy and vulnerable humans
  • multitasking
  • gun fights
  • pretending to be human to fit in
  • what does it mean to be human
  • serialized drama

With just the right amount of resolution that wraps us back around to the end of the first book and shows us how much Murderbot has grown.

Now to wait for the Murderbot novel coming out in May 2020.

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Sunday of our trip was just as delicious as Friday and Saturday.

So delicious! )

Kit was asleep when we got in, and X was glad to see us but also wiped out from a tiring weekend of solo parenting. We scavenged food and went off to our separate rooms, deeply contented from an excellent vacation.

Coda 1: I did indeed try using the shoe boxes for a bit of shelf organization. I think I prefer cloth drawers, though. Marie Kondo can get her kicks from efficiently using whatever she has handy. I get mine from everything having a unified look.

Coda 2: On Monday, I picked Kit up from school (they were SO HAPPY to see me). When we got home, they didn't want to go inside, so we hung out on our front patio for a bit. While watching them run around, I stuck my hand in my coat pocket and found the half-empty pack of almonds. Kit demanded a tithe, so I gave them a few and ate the rest. I loved having that little vestige of vacation still with me as the daily routine resumed.

PEDTM: Day 17

Apr. 17th, 2019 08:29 pm
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Had a quiet day, which was just what I needed. Swam and then putzed around the house, finishing the laundry and ironing some of Mother's clothes. Webster and I went to Goodwill and bought a small table for Mother's room -- we had been using her walker as a table, now that she uses a wheelchair, and the administration is concerned that she'll try to use the walker and fall, since she has fallen many times. Personally, I think that's ridiculous but the table was only $13 and who knows, maybe it's the right thing to do.

Then we went to Lowes and looked a refrigerators. I think we found one, so we plan to go back on Friday and talk to someone, measure it a bit more, and ask some serious questions. For example: unless we buy a teeny tiny fridge, none will fit through our doors. Do they take the doors off the hinges? And the fridge doors off, too? Who will hook up the ice maker? Stuff like that. I've never bought a refrigerator before so this is all very new. Any other questions we should ask?

I also bought Billy Jensen's audio book, Chase Darkness With Me. So far, it's pretty interesting, especially when he talks about Michelle McNamara.

Oh, I have a problem. A friend of mine helped translate an entire book of poetry from Arabic to English and asked me to read it and write a review for Amazon. I like a lot of poetry, but I can't stand this. Oh my god, reading the poems is agony. I can manage one or two a day. Should I tell her? What should I say? I feel so bad; they worked so hard on the translations and my friend really believed in the work. ARGH.

Two links, both videos:
Carole Cadwalladr about Facebook's role in Brexit. Oh my gosh. So powerful and so convincing.

A message from the future from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Made me cry.

Three things make a post!

Apr. 17th, 2019 08:15 pm
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I've seen "Cheese Tea," the salty dairy topping, at more boba tea places, and even shops that specialize in it like Happylemon, and now I've learned what goes in the 'cheese' (it's milk and cream cheese whipped together). At 85°C Bakery, you can get iced coffee with the topping.

If you want to understand where a country is heading pick a 2nd or 3rd tier city and revisit it over many years. - User researcher Jan Chipchase

I got a PyPortal from AdaFruit and have been playing around with it. It's a micro-controller with an attached display. It runs a subset of python and defines a function for grabbing a chunk of data and putting it on the display. Great for dashboards, or Oblique Strategies.


Some discussion space for where we go next.

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