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Let's start out with the master thread under the header "What I would like to see in the next fannish social platform" where [personal profile] greywash gets us started.

Now, here's where it gets tricky. I've broken out some specific suggestions made that have to do with specific existing sites like OTW, Dreamwidth, fan-created, and a possibility from Maciej Ceglowski (Pinboard) in addition to one on brainstorming a new social paradigm. P2P protocols, while not yet widely understood by fans, have also been proposed as an alternative to an actual centralized site. I've broken each of these out to be their own discussion threads and I hope that we can divide up conversation that way without getting too confused. I've also broken out some specific issues elsewhere: privacy, mobile access, money, abuse/harassment, and the whole thorny realm of adult content, porn, and legal issues. I'll come back and edit in links to each of these posts once they exist.  I'm proposing this thread for generalized thoughts, not specific to a given platform.

In the master thread, [personal profile] greywash launches some discussion on what [personal profile] pangodillo calls "whisperspace." This was what a lot of us used tags for on tumblr, and it's not particularly a feature of or dreamwidth. There's some feeling in the discussion on the Ceglowski idea document that implementing both this as searchable/archive tags would be technically challenging. It nonetheless seems to be something gaining some support in fandom.

[personal profile] thisaintbc makes the point about modes of communication here that
tumblr centers so heavily around reblogging means you can sort of passively follow someone and even interact with their posts without having to directly speak to them in a way that's just not possible on more traditional blogging platforms. And that tumblr encourages users to treat reblogs as their own, in a way, means that you can feel comfortable adding commentary even when you're not sure of OP's welcome (I feel like this in particular is actually a part of tumblr that catches a lot of flack but that I see as a fairly positive thing overall). Maybe that sounds a little silly in comparison to arguably more important concerns like a platform that support multimedia posts, but I can't possibly be the only person who found that tumblr provided them with the space to graduate from "permanent lurker" to "active community member" at the pace of a tortoise rather than a hare.


Some discussion space for where we go next.

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