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MOD NOTE 2018.12.18: this post is outdated!!! I ([personal profile] greywash) have stepped down as mod as of 2018.12.16 (though lbr, I wasn't doing anything before that, either, sorry all, meatspace went nuts at the same time as Tumblr imploding, wheeeee). Anyway, this comm now has an admin user account, [personal profile] ptf_admin, and the updated sticky post that will act as a replacement for this one that all mods can edit can be found here. We have learned a valuable lesson from this and it is that DW permissions are nuts. Anyway, godspeed, fair travelers! I will now continue to lurk occasionally in yr comments. If you replied to this post, another mod will get back to you soon. *salutes you one and all!* Read this old outdated post anyway... )

(Mods, if you make changes to this post, please make a note about what you did here.)

  • [personal profile] greywash, 2018.12.17 18:54 PST - Removing myself as a mod and updating to link to new sticky post.
  • [personal profile] greywash, 2018.12.06 07:31 PST - Added rough initial index, temporary code of conduct (both WsIP).
  • [personal profile] greywash, 2018.12.05 16:31 PST - Initial drive-by version.


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