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And here is the elephant in the room. We get some starting thoughts in [personal profile] greywash's master thread and its comments, but there's a lot of thought that this will require because this is the one that can bite us all in the ass no matter how well or creatively any site is designed.

Many of us are leaving tumblr because we just don't see the world in binary sanitized terms with sexuality and sexual conduct the evil mirror presence to be kept locked in the closet. Adult content is fundamental to shipping, which is a huge component of fandom across a variety of media. Right now, that content is being pushed away in different directions, and with it, fracturing fandom. If we're going to have a common fandom home and protect our fandom legacy in all media, we've got to bring it right back to the table.

Nonetheless, child porn exists and porn purveyors will invade every toehole they can find in search of profit. I think we laughed, those of us who saw PornHub's tweeted invitation to tumblr refuges, but that's kind of the side our allies may turn out to be on in this. So drawing difficult lines between adult content and exploitative porn are going to have to be part of our planning.

Dreamwidth has a policy; Pillowfort has a policy (although the issue of their domain not permitting "porn" bit them despite their good intentions). AO3 has a strong presence in this game, and it's also been a controversial one that has been used as an attack vector.

What are we going to do about this?

Note to other mods: do we need to raise the age restriction on this thread? Please edit in and fix if indicated.

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