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This week: the more technically minded members of the distributed_fandom Discord have , and more.

Hubzilla update
(Check issue one if you'd like to know more about Hubzilla basics...)

pearwaldorf has been triaging Hubzilla bugs/tasks from the distributed_fandom Discord into our issue tracker.

On the Discord, there is generally a lot of excitement around what Hubzilla can do for fandom. There's still a lot of bugs and kinks to iron out, and just making the whole user experience smooth enough that the least technical of fans can participate in this new vision for fandom.

A wiki for Federated Fandom
demitas and pearwaldorf have been pulling together a new wiki on Federated Fandom. It's small right now, but it'll grow as more documentation is created and more authors add pages to it.

You can check it out right now at the Federated Fandom Wiki. It has sections so far explaining:
  • what federation is
  • what federated platforms are and how they differ
  • how to contribute to the federated fandom movement
Keeping track with Trello
pearwaldorf has created a Trello board to keep track of the elements we've got kicking about at the moment... because there are a lot. Like... It's a testament to how busy the Discord has been and how quickly supporters have been taking action.

You can check out the board here.

Don't forget...
To check out [tumblr.com profile] fandom-after on Tumblr and see what Wings has been posting.

Got something you want mentioned in these updates?
Head to #announcements-roundup channel on the distributed_fandom Discord and post about it before the end of Saturday each week. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue.

Happy Holidays!

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